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1973 Paris, France

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Keymi was born in the 12th arrondissement of Paris in 1973. He has been painting since 1990. His favourite medium is the aerosol can. However, as he believes that quality is based on plurality, he uses other techniques such as watercolour, photography and installations whenever necessary.  His practice of the spray can has led him to the realization of numerous frescoes of all sizes, both indoors and outdoors; his achievements on the Clermont-Ferrand tramway site (in individual and collective projects), on buildings under demolition and in industrial wastelands have left their mark on the city.  For two years now, his attraction for Japanese art, particularly for prints, has guided the subjects of his frescoes. From a formal point of view, the graphics are now the result of a thorough research into colour and light where the forms tend to merge (mixture of images and drawings). This work has already seduced certain juries, such as the fresco competition for the Crédit Agricole in Tulle (13x4.5m wall) or for the grain market in Clermont-Ferrand, the future FRAC Auvergne.   Since 2009, Keymi's studio work has been oriented towards more plastic research, research that has led to work on polystyrene - a material that is omnipresent in our daily lives, little considered but with infinite possibilities. Cutting the polymer with a computer-controlled hot wire, he gives shape to puzzle pieces that he then paints with spray paint and resins. Once the pieces are assembled, they result in works that are always unfinished. These works are a reflection on the construction of the human being from both a social and psychological point of view. The pieces of the puzzle represent the essential elements for the proper psychological construction of the human being, like bricks for the construction of a house. The fragmented nature of the puzzle and the off-screen aspect that this induces also led him to another interpretation, that of the incomplete message and therefore the notion of rumour and cacophony. Comics being an ideal medium for this reflection, Keymi creates a narrative that is expressed on puzzles in the form of phylacteries.  Her puzzles have enabled her to enter galleries in France and abroad. They have been presenting her work in art fairs and exhibitions throughout Europe and the world for the past 8 years.  The field of possibilities offered by this cutting technique and the idea of the puzzle itself are evolving day by day and will soon lead to new creations. The graphic design inspired by tag and graffiti becomes abstract and only the shapes remain in the cut-out material, which gives them volume, and they then become objects in their own right.

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