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Kazuki Nakahara


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Kazuki Nakahara comes from the drawing school of Hanns Schimansky. Born in Japan, he appeared in Berlin in 2005 to study with Schimansky. Characterized by the tradition of his family - Nakahara's father is a calligrapher - he conquered drawing European art. Soon he made everyday notes on white paper that were unnoticed with impressively precise pencil strokes or ink lines. At first it was oversized toothbrushes that danced in abstract space; later he reinvented the girl's hairstyle with the tightly bound, short braids for his drawings: parted hair, lashed on two sides, becomes a typical symbol of Kazuki Nakahara, which he examines in numerous variations, freely suspended in family appearances or as a single form. On now large format, Meditatively he draws his circles on the floor - line by line. In our imagination, Nakahara's strictly controlled, bound lines, his spherical shapes, form into billiard tables, on which the Scheitel Award is played, extend beyond our window sills and become magical celestial bodies.

Works by Kazuki Nakahara

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