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Katy Ann Gilmore

United States

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Los Angeles (CA), USA

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Works by Katy Ann Gilmore

Fold 32


112 x 138 x 3.5cm

I’m inspired by architectural constructs, and how simple lines can construct perspectives, helping us to solidify (or question) our ideas about the space we inhabit. Lines recede to a vanishing point, converging and depicting perceived depth where it does not exist physically. I’m not trying to trick the viewer, but ultimately hope to pique interest in our interpretations of what lies in our visual field. Shifts in your viewpoint skew the lines and create alternate interpretations of what’s happening around you, allowing for a phenomenological perspective.

In this recent work, I’ve been exploring small shapes congregating together, creating a larger composition. They each obey their own physical laws, either following a particular vanishing point or being “folded” in a specific fashion. When placed together, these shapes construct a galaxy of forms.
– Katy Ann Gilmore, 2020


Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA
Bachelor of Arts in Art
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Greenville College, Greenville, IL



Of Segments and Forms, DENK Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (Solo, Upcoming)
Edge to Air, DENK Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (Group)
Summer Exhibition, Galerie Wenger, Zurich, Switzerland (Group)
Visual Field, DENK Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (Solo)
80/50: Quiet Storm, DENK, Los Angeles, CA (Group)
Nu Geometry, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, CA (Group)
Presence of an Outside Force, Cordesa Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA (Solo)
Winter Invitational Show, ABV Gallery, Atlanta, GA (Group)