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Karem Arrieta

1964 Venezuela

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Born in 1964 in Venezuela, Karem Arrieta has lived and worked in France since 1992.

"[...] Karem Arrieta's paintings reveal to those who dare to immerse themselves in his mestizo universe the complicity of the characters who inhabit them with earth, water, air and light. And the feelings that surface in their eyes. Carnal envelopes draped in precious fabrics or wrapped in carnival tinsel, traditional costumes emptied of any festive substance, bewitching and tragic looks or fleeting smiles on portraits of young girls in flowers, the shapes that Karem draw in their landscape of destination a variable geometry, miraculously adjusted to the ceremonial needs of the bodies thus staged.
A graphic design of volumes, curves and lines that breaks free from the academic rules of drawing to better impose on the gaze the majesty of an inspiration set with dazzling symbiosis between the imaginary and the figurative, between waking dreams and recomposed real" - Daniel Rollé

Her work has been exhibited in Art Fairs, galleries and museums in various countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, France, or Portugal, and in several cities in the United States (Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Boulder, Chicago, Boston) as well as in several Asian countries (Taiwan, South Korea and Japan).

She is also represented in public and private collections.

Works by Karem Arrieta

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