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Kangra painting enjoyed a burst of fame when the patronage of maharaja Sansar Singh, in the mid-18th century attracted a number of artists. Some of these miniatures can be viewed at a museum near Kangra Fort. The paints used in this art are natural and it is done with a paintbrush which has a single hair of a squirrel. Deepak Kumar and Sushil Kumar are two artists from Kangra featured in this exhibition. They are self-taught artists who have been taught by their fathers and so on.

The subjects are seen in Kangra painting exhibit the taste and the traits of the lifestyle of the society of that period. Bhakti cult was the driving force and the love story of Radha and Krishna was the main source of spiritual experience, which was also the base for the visual expression. Bhagavata Purana and the love poems Gita Govinda by Jayadeva were the most popular subjects dealing with the legends and the amorous plays of Radha and Krishna symbolizing the soul’s devotion to God.

In some miniatures, the blue-god Krishna is seen dancing in the lush woodlands and every maiden’s eye is drawn to him. Krishna subjects, known commonly as Krishna-Lila predominate, while the themes of love, inspired by the nayaks and nayikas and bara masa enjoyed great favor. The sentiment of love remained the inspiration and the central theme of Pahari painting. 

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