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Julien Calot

La rochelle, France

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Julien Calot



81 x 100 x 4cm

3800,00 €

L’oiseau des illusions


64 x 50 x 3cm

2800,00 €

Julien Calot's works are composed of a myriad of small dots that tend towards abstraction but nevertheless reveal a rhythmic and chaotic figuration that echoes both the art of the Australian Aborigines and the surf culture that nourishes the artist.

Through a series of large formats teeming with signs and lines in the heart of intense monochromatic harmonies of blue, green, red or brown, Julien Calot celebrates an energetic and colorful nature, sometimes violent, where the exuberance of the animal and human worlds mingle in powerful and hypnotic saturated frescoes.

Julien Calot constellates his canvases with a multitude of small dots or colored lines to the point of invasion, creating a plethora of figurative motifs. Under the dynamics of the movement of these crisscrossing, we feel the abstraction coming.

This is how immense starry skies are composed, scenes that push the limits of narration. In this infinite complexity of details, the artist offers the vision of a colorful, ardent and energetic existence plunged into the chaotic universe of city noise and urban flows; a resolutely contemporary world.

These large canvases embody the quest for a global vision of reality. Julien Calot tries to capture life in its complexity, its nuances: sometimes peaceful and wild, playful and disturbing, bright and dark. 

The artist delivers real interior landscapes inhabited by expressive and turbulent characters where a luxuriant, prolific and disturbing nature unfolds.

Born in La Rochelle, in love with surfing and the sea, Julien Calot reveals a universe deeply marked by the codes of surf culture: bright colors, dynamics of bodies and faces on a rock background.