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Julie Badin

1981 Le Mans, France

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Born in 1981 in Le Mans, Julie Badin lives and works in Marseille.

"I have always been curious. When I was a child, I spent my time drawing, coloring, singing, listening to music and exploring the family garden to get to know every corner of it.

Yet there were shadows around me, I had to find my own light. At the age of nineteen, I left everything to find it.

I am mainly attracted by what is visual, in that, my artistic practice maintains a relationship between what is seen and what cannot be seen.

What questions me particularly is the border between the conscious and the unconscious, and by extension, between what I know and what I do not know.

This questioning summons with it imponderability, introspection and experience, which are at the very foundation of my creative process. My work is nourished by what I live.

My approach is in line with that of other artists who question their history and the origins of their personal problems.

As far as I am concerned, it is through the concepts of origin, representation and belief that I draw my language.

I like to feel free in my plastic approach, because I consider myself above all an explorer, in search of a form of truth."

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