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33 x 33cm


Julia Sbriller (b. 1986, La Plata, Argentina) is a photographer, architect and performer. She coordinates ‘Creadores de Imágenes’ (Latin American online education space) and is co-creator of Pista, and Info, Independent Photography Fair of Buenos Aires. Joaquín Wall (b. 1986, La Plata, Argentina) is a media artist, cinematographer and performer. His work, hybrid and experimental, draws on a variety of mediums, including performance, sculpture, choreography, video and installation.

Julia Sbriller and Joaquín Wall are a multidisciplinary artistic duo based in Argentina. Their work reflects around the notion of the individual and the collective body, its possibilities of encounter and interrelation. From different supports, like photography, video and public interventions, they research around the representation of space and the body within it. Their work focuses and reflects around the notion of the human being, it’s ability to bond, (un)identify and transform itself; wondering about new ways and possibilities to meet and be together. The identity as a duo is part of the investigation of their work. Lake above Lake; the image of a lake only tends to evaporate, to dry out, but if one lake rests above another, the evaporated water condenses again on the other side, opening a process of communication and constant feedback.