To Dream, to Collect


Julia López

Medellín, Colombia

3 Works exhibited

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Currently resident at "(Le) 6B", a place of diffusion and contemporary artistic creation in Saint-Denis.

She also shares her research universe through collaborative processes.

Marked by the nomadic condition of the contemporary world, Julia Maria López questions the notion of openness, both geographical and intimate, where the outside resonates within, returning to oneself in a permanent rediscovery.

Placing the body and color at the center of her practice, she explores the plastic potential of fabric, its flexibility, its malleability, its metaphorical capacities in sensory and perceptive games.

Her work opens up to urban projects with a participative dimension, taking into account the territorial and social context, where she weaves and reweaves links with the inhabitants.

Projected bodies, participating bodies, journeys on the canvas, and journeys in the urban space, so many materializations of openings.

Works by Julia López

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