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Paris, France

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She expresses with force her palette of feelings:

Between light and shadow, colours and materials, she offers the viewer an abstract art that is both interpretative and meaningful.

Resolutely optimistic, she proposes an open look on this world which she qualifies as "joyful chaos" while suggesting a possible exit (a window, an opening, often materialized on the canvas).

In her studio-laboratory, JULE experiments, tests materials and tools. Plaster, nails and paper are glued, scratched and varnished, and from this alchemy, she brings out emotion, movement or the expression of a thought... sometimes unconscious.

The choice of expressing herself on large formats encourages her to think big and to immerse herself in a space of freedom that is dear to her.

 "If there is something I want to express above all it is a solution, the idea of the possibility of going towards freedom.