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Juan Manuel McGrath

Guadalajara, Mexico

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Guadalajara, Mexico


Works by Juan Manuel McGrath

The journey exposes the senses in every possible way. Juan Manuel McGrath is capable to merge with nature by leaving his body behind to allow a collective dialog. But he also is a keen observer of the sensory and conceptual relationships that inhabit the landscape realms that surrounds him. To process his experience and to enrich it through a meticulous digital postproduction has a significant meaning for McGrath. Reviewing his work, revisiting his images time aer time, selecting and making sure that the objective world captured by his lens has the combination of strength and honesty within his inner self. Devoted to minute contemplation and focused on the world´s substance. An itinerant poet with a spontaneous and reflexive view. All of these makes his work an honest tribute to life, inviting us to embrace it´s brightness and darkness. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said, “I am from the nature of space” and McGrath´s work relentlessly confirms it. Juan Manuel McGrath was born June 24, 1984 in Mexico City and currently lives in Guadalajara Mexico where he works full time as an artistic creator.