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Works by Juan Brito

El Argonauta


107 x 85cm

4495,11 €

Vertical City


76 x 102cm

4816,19 €

Ascensores Porteños


102 x 120cm

4388,09 €

Juan Brito was born in 1962 in Valparaíso, between the years 1980 -1985 he studied Pedagogy in Art at the University of Chile based in Valparaíso and then studied in the 90s at the Institute of Fine Arts of the National School of Art and Design of Oslo- Norway
He has had multiple solo and group exhibitions in Europe and North America.
His paintings are mostly composed of geometric shapes, there are references to paper airplanes and origami, something more linked to design than to street art.
The theme refers to the myth of the Argonauts, these characters who traveled to a place to find the gold treasure that never existed, built a spaceship and were specialists in travel. This is a fantastic myth that you like as an idea, so you take inspiration from that.
He is currently living between Norway, Spain and Chile.

"In my work I resort to the simplification and geometrization of the form to identify my ideas, which I could translate as a geometric-figurative language.
My iconography, therefore, being closer to the geometric, acquires in this way a more universal and timeless, an important aspect for me when it comes to visually communicating my ideas. "