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Works by Josiane Desse

Petit format


30 x 30 x 2cm

300,00 €

Fleurs Roses


100 x 100 x 2cm

1100,00 €



100 x 50 x 2cm

950,00 €

Josiane Desse was born in 1959, on the 1st of April, in the Drôme des collines in Romans, very attached to this region that she has never wanted to leave. She loves to walk there to get inspiration, she likes to make it discover through her guest house.
Today, after twenty years of running a guest house, she has decided to devote herself solely to painting and to become a professional painter. Well-being and letting go have a whole new place in her life by creating workshops in laughter yoga and dance in association with free painting workshops, in constant research with movement and colors.
A self-taught painter, a woman passionate about everything she does, she evolves by studying several works by renowned artists. Her curiosity leads her to explore a multitude of techniques, from pigments to acrylics, and styles. Her creativity has taken a new form, she frees herself from representation to leave room for her own expressiveness in an abstract painting that she composes with mixed techniques in acrylic. The immersion in Josiane's painting leads us to informal art.
Her creative process is elaborated directly on the canvas in a total letting go, without any preconceived idea. Brushstrokes, drips, discarded pigments, splashing and dirtying juices, scratched spaces, superimposed layers of textures and graded colors contribute to infuse the canvas with a raw materiality reminiscent of the rich patinas created by the effects of the passage of time.
Anchored in the present moment, using her feeling to create, each painting becomes a discovery of the deepest part of herself. The emotional charge that emerges reflects a sense of strength and serenity. Josiane shakes up the elements, her painting is a chaos of light and matter.