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Jong-Take Woo

Yongin, Korea, Republic of

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The South-Korean artist Jong-Taek Woo is looking with his expressive and gestic painting for an answer to one of the most relevant queries of human being. It is the question about an unexplained enigma. The question about the origin of the universe and the world we all live in. These thoughts have been the topic of numerous research approaches. Several disciplines have tried to find reasonable explanations, but there are still open questions until today.

Jong-Taek Woo is visualizing the energy and the power of nature in his artworks. 

In front of these works, the beholder becomes aware that this power is origin, genuine and full of tensions as well free from any human influence. In the sense of Plato, in his understanding of cosmology and of the origin of the world, the world is steady and a perpetual idea of cognition. So artist Woo shows in his paintings, which are free from figurative motifs, that all today’s knowledge was already anchored during the origin of our world.

1973                born in Yongin, South Korea

1997-2002      B.F.A and M.F.A at the academy of                                                     fine arts at Chung Ang                                               University

2004                „Dong-A Art“-award of the National                          Museum of Modern and                                           Contemporary Art

2006                „Dong-A Art“-award of Suk-Nam Art Foundation

Since 2005      national and international exhibitions, for example: Hamburg, Seoul and Daegu

2015                Director of the art exhibition

„Beyond the Borders“


                        Currently working as a professor at the

Incheon University.