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Jonathan Ryan Harvey

San Diego, California, United States

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

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San Diego, California

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Works by Jonathan Ryan Harvey

Tabula Rasa


48.26 x 63.5cm

2363,62 €



93.98 x 93.98cm

3781,79 €

Jonathan Ryan Harvey is a self-taught contemporary artist that effortlessly portrays moods through a visual language of colors, shapes, and form.  While Harvey has always been inspired by famed artists like Jean Michel Basquiat and Cy Twombly, his relationships and surroundings are his biggest inspirations. Harvey grew up in the Arizona desert and lived in both New York City and Southern California where he soaked up the dynamic cultures around him.

Harvey’s goal is to create alluring artwork that provokes intricate feelings within the viewer. He achieves this through experimentation, often letting the exciting blend of mediums or the unfamiliarity of new materials fuel his creativity.  His authentic spirit and expressive determination sets him apart in a crowded industry. Harvey doesn’t specialize in one channel; his work spans the realms of painting, surrealism, graffiti art, and sculpture.