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John Hamon is a French artist active since 2000, in Paris, France and around the world. Inspired by the methods of graffiti, billboard advertising and politics, he builds his approach around the notion of promotion.

From an identity photo taken at the age of 17, he conceives massive poster campaigns in the street, as well as impressive projections on public monuments and institutions.

John Hamon imposes the artistic experience by the constant reproduction and the continuous diffusion of his work, from which his notoriety will quickly follow.

By investing the daily life by the formal simplicity of his face, John Hamon personifies an approach that plays with the usual actors of the art world, by proposing new forms of diffusion of the work.

John Hamon regularly produces exhibitions that hack into the high places of cultural presentation. He draws the attention on the normalization of the creation by the cultural policies which limit the emergence of

By borrowing the tools of those who seek to sell and those who seek to be known, John Hamon supports the debate on the position of the artist in the city and questions the hegemony of institutions over creation.

John Hamon defends the formula "It is the promotion that makes the artist, or the zero degree of art" instituting the promotion in artistic action.

John Hamon is represented on Maison contemporain since June 2020.

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