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Johanna Monnier

1989 Switzerland

1 Works exhibited

Current location

San Francisco, US

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  • About the Artist

Johanna Monnier is an artist born in Switzerland in 1989.

The rural environments in which she grew up led her to experiment with many games and led her to an artistic process that took root in her early teens.

She began a full training course and obtained a ceramist diploma and a master's degree in Fine Arts in Paris, with the congratulations of the jury.

She is doing an exchange in San Francisco which will be decisive for the orientation of her work. At the same time, Johanna trained in the human sciences and in various psychotherapeutic approaches and carried out methodical research work which combined care and her sculptural practice.

Johanna Monnier's work revolves mainly around performative sculpture.

Made of textiles such as mesh, knitting, leather or skai, ceramic or even forged metal, these works navigate between costumes, accessories and autonomous objects. At the center of this research is the object, its setting in motion and the experience of the object.

An approach that leads him to explore two areas that seem contradictory at first sight: sculpture, inert and permanent, and movement, instantaneous and ephemeral.

For her, putting the object into action is essential. It is most often done thanks to the body.

The work relates to the person who wears, endorses or handles it. A closeness between the artist, the piece and its recipient is established.

This relational triangulation often accompanies the creative process from start to finish. Sometimes burlesque and provocative, sometimes delicate and delicate, his work seeks to explore the intimate parts of the human.

Works by Johanna Monnier

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