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Bouaye, France

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VOLUCIRC – 170722


92 x 73 x 4cm

2640,00 €



41 x 41 x 4cm

For more than half a century, art has been my companion on the road. It has allowed me to mark out my questions and my reflections by regularly condensing reality into a few sketches. Very quickly, I understood that art and philosophy were inseparable.

Even more, it is really philosophy that, in fine, has carried and shaped my way of conceiving and practicing art. I also sensed that art was an irreplaceable means of representing reality that the classical objective, rational descriptions could not fully assume for several reasons.

Our perception of reality is incomplete and often distorted by our cultural and mostly rational prisms of observation.

Our means of expression, our codes and notably words or concepts struggle to fully restore certain sensations.

The reality inexorably preserves a part of irreducible and intangible discontinuities that the poetic can partly reduce.

A question then imposes itself. What is the place of this poetics and of art in our society?

Joseph LUSTEAU alias SLERS - Five decades of experience and research in the field of business and philosophy, but also and in parallel more than fifty years of practice of ART, creation of modern abstract and figurative works and reflection on graphic thinking and its extensions in the fields of innovation.

It is only recently that SLERS has opened its works to the public, particularly in the ART-LAB gallery, with a focus on paintings from the current period.

It is around three areas of concern that are art, philosophy and strategy, that my investigations were gradually refined to arrive at this essay, ART-PHILOSOPHY-STRATEGY in 2022. It is a work that is at the same time a philosophical bias, a plea for a SWEEP-ART® art and a collection of works commented on in a poetic mode.

A SWEEP-ART work is precisely the result of a poetic perspective in a condensed expression. Its vocation is to continue a creative conversation with its audiences. The SWEEP-ART work is, in fact, comparable to a form of score that opens up infinite variations for our own reflections in the manner of a musical theme.

The SWEEP-ART spirit that I have been developing for decades envisions each work as a poetic object of openness, inspiration and conversation to provoke inventive resonances according to the mood of the performers.