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Hubei, China

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San Francisco

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Jesselle Sue is an abstract painter living in San Francisco who works mainly with acrylics and charcoal. She was born in 1992, in Hubei, China, and raised by her adoptive father. She was fortunate to be surrounded by creative people during her youth, and was encouraged to pursue the visual arts during her childhood and teenage years. Independently and somewhat unscrupulously, she left home as a teenager and lived in many countries in South East Asia before moving to the United States currently residing in San Francisco, California. She developed her personal style as a painter through hands-on experience, learning through trial and error, studying Japanese watercolour masters, Chinese landscape artists, and abstract artists. At the beginning of the lockdown, she realised she wanted to pursue a career as a full-time abstract painter and expanded her practical creativity to focus on painting. Since then, she has spent every day in her studio observing the sparkling waters of San Francisco Bay. Here, the constant sunlight and wilderness provide her with the calm she needs to focus on her work.