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Jean Perdrizet

1907 - 1975

1 Works exhibited on Kooness


Works by Jean Perdrizet

«The Inventor» as he is named, manufactures machines in his basement, shows plans to teachers, distributes his inventions: CNRS, Faculty of Science, NASA, the Vatican, Swedish Academy, in the hope of a Nobel prize.

His plans reveal, ingenious electrical devices with mathematical formulas, linguistic explanations, the metaphysical; all in a rage of materialization and concretion within the imagination. He attempts to «unravel the mysteries of life after death», with machines to «explore the Hereafter» ; to make contact and communicate with «souls» of the deceased; «souls» that become disembodied ghosts. He created a man-machine «the self-reproducing robot astronaut,» capable of thought and with a «soul», «these robots in the cosmos, on other planets, are flying saucers to rocket wheel-winch».

For Perdrizet, «thought arises in the eye, the atoms of thought are pictographic letters» a number of these machines are machines to read, see, to be drilled. He created a universal language, Esperanto sidereal, «a machine to see objects in the Moon from the Earth,» «which is the language of robotic astronauts.» This language is also known as: language T, the Optimal, which he defines as «a language where each letter is optimized, and differs minimally from the shape of the object it is designated» (H = scale). It offers «an etymology which uses 92 visible signs of a typographical typewriter, the keyboard of thought».

The typewriter is the matrix containing the world, it is also the key to its deciphering.

Jean Perdrizet dies in 1975, three days after his mother. The machines he built did not survive, contrary to his plans, treasures, inexhaustible reservoir of imagination, which are major works of art brut.