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Jean-Luc Moulène

1955 France

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Paris, France

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Jean-Luc Moulène (born 1955) is a French contemporary artist based in Paris, France. Spanning a wide variety of media, such as photography, drawings, and sculptures, Moulène's practice examines the relationship between systems and orders.Moulène has stated that he subscribes to the notion of a 'disjunction,' whereby he follows a principle of discrepancies as a way to "find new dialectical knowledge."His interests include the "symbolic position of the author" and authorship; processes of production, repetition, and accumulation; labor and social space; and the intersection of advanced technology and contemporary material culture, among others. Moulène identifies himself as a "technicien libertaire" (life itself as a technique), who transforms "the process of perception as an aesthetic end in itself to one that incorporates everyday life" in his work.

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