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1983 Toulouse, France

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Jazzu is the signature of a self-taught artist whose modesty borders on shyness. Jazzu paints as he breathes, beyond filiations, currents and codes and it is probably the vitality and sincerity of his gesture, which have already led gallery owners and sellers to make his paintings cohabit with those of Combas or Speedy Graphito. 

No posture in his painting, no premeditation, Jazzu is an instinctive artist who works on the feeling in an alchemy of colors and matter that his subjects dictate. Carried by the need to translate what he perceives of the cultural and political current events of our time, one could say of his painting that it is raw in the primitive sense of the act, yet it knows how to make itself sensual in texture, sometimes even epidermal so much there is human in the line.


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36 x 46 x 4 cm

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