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Barcelona, Spain

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Jaume Mestres Estartús, Estartús to the art world, was born, after a traumatic labour, in 1949’s Barcelona. Only three years later his mother wouldn’t survive his sister's delivery, as she exerted the main influence in his life, this early death marked the artist and would always be present in his work.

Already then he began to scribble on the walls and his favorite gift were boxes of colored pencils and chalk. He has always painted, considering a man’s life and the action of doing it as inextricably linked.

Also, since childhood his father forbade him to ever become an artist, it wouldn’t have been serious nor formal, he never had his support, therefore, in order to study fine arts, he had to enroll also in both architectural and medical studies. During his time at the faculty of fine arts he claims to have learned what he should never do. He wanted to be a temperamental artist, create his own language, let go of acquired culture and prejudices, in short, always be free.

He combined the three university courses as later he would practice two professional careers, he has always been a reputed gynecology specialist in parallel with being an artist. This allowed him the priviledge of ensuring that his artwork retained authenticity and honesty.

The Estartús aesthetic shifted from realistic to abstract, although with a touch of realism, based on the treatment of materials, and experimentation with textures, colors and shapes. He has developed an approach to artistic styles that evolve masterfully in the figurative and in abstraction, with beauty as the common thread.

In the theme of his artworks the constant obsession with death, the unknown, the soul, mystery, and anxiety about the speed at which our existence can end.

Over 50 years he has created some 700 works of art using oil and acrylic paint, grease pencils, wax crayons, graphite and Chinese ink, on paper and cardboard and more than 600 on canvas, wood and metal plates. In his collages, usually made with cardboard pieces, burlap, wood and synthetic fibers, you can also find tar, vinyl, corduroy, sand or metal.

Estartús is one of the best representatives of contemporary painting, capable of reinvention in each of the series he creates. Someone who at the start of each piece, immerses himself in an adventure into the unknown, because the main thing is the creative process itself. He is dynamic, a perfectionist, yet interested in psychoanalysis and introspection. A true existentialist who conveys the desire to seek the intimate meaning of everything within his art.

His work has been selected and curated by exhibitors around the globe among them, the National Library of Spain, Art Madrid, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Miami and Chicago, The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art, the Pomona Museum in LA, UNESCO in Montecarlo,…