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United States

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Works by Janis Zingitis

Mixed coniferous forest


90 x 120 x 2cm

4745,00 €

River in May


80 x 60 x 2cm

2400,00 €

Baltic Sea


40 x 30 x 2cm

790,00 €

In the Realm of the Forest King


160 x 120 x 2cm

6400,00 €



40 x 50cm

880,00 €

"I like to observe nature, animals, birds, landscapes. I depict my observations in paintings. Painting helps me to see, feel and understand the world, to be part of the world." -Jānis Ziņgītis

The artist paints realistic landscapes and seascapes. His works offer a nuanced view of the beauty of Latvian nature: fabulous, enigmatic forests; the mysteries of the animal world; the shores of the Baltic Sea and the magic of Midsummer herbs. The works are characterised by lyricism, peace and harmony, dominated by grey tonality, natural colours and soft light. The artist often uses a hazy effect, which diffuses the viewer's attention and fills the paintings with lightness and airiness.

Born in 1973 in Riga, Latvia.

Attended Janis Rozentāls Riga Art High-school (1984-1991).

Art Academy of Latvia Department of Painting (1992-1998).

University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine, USA (1994-1995) as an exchange student.

Master's degree in painting (2000) from Art Academy of Latvia.

Since 2006 director of Janis Rozentals Riga Art High-school Works are in private collections in Latvia, USA, France, Norway, Germany, Australia, Austria, Israel, and other countries.