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Jaime Trinidade

São Paulo, Brazil

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Works by Jaime Trindade

Indigenous 5


120 x 8 x 8cm

365,00 €

Indigenous 4


120 x 8 x 8cm

365,00 €

Indigenous 3


120 x 8 x 8cm

445,00 €

indigenous 2


120 x 8 x 8cm

920,00 €

Indigenous 1


120 x 8 x 8cm

960,00 €

Jaime Trindade is a visual artist, a professor with a degree in Visual Arts and an exhibitor at Embu das Artes (São Paulo).

Jaime Trindade started painting at the age of 14 with limited resources and, over the years, he perfected his technique by studying the lives of great masters such as Michelangelo, Leonardo, Caravagio and so on. In commemoration of Brazil 500 years, he had contact with the indigenous theme, and began to portray them combining the Academic and Contemporary technique.

His work brings together indigenous aesthetics and the appreciation of these peoples as a whole: their art, expressions and customs. We cannot forget our origins, many things we eat or places we go to have indigenous origins, it is important to have this appreciation, even in a work of art.

At 46 years old, Jaime Trindade presents an exclusive work, elevating his art to the maximum. His best-known current work is inspired by Brazilian Indians, a theme very present in his life, as he was with the Kuikurus, photographing and documenting indigenous life and aesthetics, but also portraying the figurative and other themes with mastery.


1990 – Collective at AABB Banco do Brasil (São Paulo)

1991 – Solo “art show” – Banco do Brasil (São Paulo)

2000 – Collective “Inauguration of the cat” – CAT (Embu-SP)

2004 – Individual “Índios, Traços e Expressões” – Aldeia Cocar Restaurant (Aldeia da Serra -SP)

2005 – Collective Arts – Mestre Assis Cultural Center (Embu-SP)

2006 – Collective “Embu das Artes” – CENESP (São Paulo)

2007 – Collective “Embu das Artes – II” CENESP (São Paulo)

2008 – Individual “Exhibition for the day of the Indian” – Faculdade Anhanguera - FTS (Taboão da Serra-SP)

2009 – Individual “Índios, Traços e Expressões” – Cultural Center (Embu-SP)

2009 – Collective “Art Show” – Clube Atlético Aramaçan (Santo Andre-SP)

2015 – Collective “Atelier Jaime Trindade” – Cultural Center (Embu-SP)

2015 – Individual Portal Alchemical Joel Aleixo

2017 – Individual “Indians, Colors and Expression” – Hilton Hotel

2017 – Solo “Tribus” – Hotel Pullman2017 – Collective Teatro Opus


2015 – Winner “Art battle Brazil 11”

2016 – Winner ART BATTLE LOUNGE AUG/16 Hotel Pullman

2017 – Winner ART BATTLE CURITIBA June/17 Renaut captur

2018 – Winner ART BATTLE LOUNGE Feb/18 Lexus experience Amazing “Black Panther”

2018 – Winner ART BATTLE LOUNGE September/18 Hilton Hotel “Bio-Rad Laboratories”

2019 – Winner “Art battle Brasil 57” September/28