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Izabela Kowalczyk

1975 Poland

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Izabela Kowalczyk is a French-Polish artist who lives and works in Marseille.

Born in 1975, she grew up in Poland, where in 2002 she received a Master of Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łòdź.

Among her early influences - the constructivists of the 1930s such as Katarzyna Kobro, Władyslaw Strzemiński, Kasimir Malevich, but also from The Stijl and Bauhaus groups - played an important role.

His early fascination with the work of Elsworth Kelly, Sol Le Witt, Frank Stella or even David Tremlett already announced his future investment in questioning the nature of space and its perception.

A residency of a few weeks at the School of Art in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2000, followed by a stay of a few months in London in 2001, allowed her to discover, among others, the work of Eduardo Chillida and Tony Cragg.

In 2002 Izabela received a grant from the French Government, which allowed her to continue her studies at the Art School of Aix-en-Provence and obtain the DNSEP diploma in 2005.

She has exhibited at Cello Factory, London; Galerie La Ferronnerie, Paris, Transmitter Gallery, New York, Musée Regards de Provence, Marseille, Mia art Gallery, Wroclaw, New B Gallery, Shanghai.

In 2017 finalist of AESTHETICA ART PRICE, her work Untitled 56 is published in the anthology FUTURE NOW: 100 Contemporary Artists, Aesthetica Magazine.

Works by Izabela Kowalczyk

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