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Ivana de Vivanco

Lisbon, Portugal

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Works by Ivana de Vivanco

Mise-en-Scene a Trois


Drawings , Ink

150 x 99cm


Chilean-Peruvian artist born in Lisbon.

Recent solo and double exhibitions

2021  Blind Eye, Casa de Indias and The RYDER Projects, Cádiz (ES)
2021  How I Feel, with Yan Copelli, Mamalike, New York (US)
2021  The Partial Object House, The RYDER Projects and Beadvisors, London (GB) 
2021  Pink Maneuver, Josef Filipp Galerie, Leipzig (DE)
2020  Analogies, with Jana Kurashvili, Plain Gallery, Milano (IT)
2020  Break a Leg!, Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, Berlin (DE)
2020  GOOD LOOK, Archiv Massiv, Spinnerei, Leipzig (DE)


Recent group exhibitions 

​2021  Now Now, Breach, Miami (US)
2021  1000 Worte, Galerie Rothamel, Erfurt (DE)
2021  Qui resistit, vincit, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Vélez (CAC), Málaga (ES)
2021  Error Explanation, 68 projects, Berlin (DE)
2021  Trace Evidence, Badr El Jundi Gallery, Marbella (ES)
2021  Domesticity, curated by Sasha Bogojev, Volery Gallery, Dubai (UAE)
2020  FEED, The RYDER Projects, Madrid (ES)
2020  SUPER!, Kunsthalle Darmstadt  (DE)
2020  Twenties, Galerie Rothamel, Erfurt (DE)
2020  The Potsdam Selection, Palais am Stadthaus, with Weserhalle, Postdam (DE)
2020  Auction 6, Weserhalle, Berlin (DE)
2020  Orbit, Galerie Maurer, Frankfurt/M (DE)  
2020  Still connected, Weserhalle, Berlin (DE)
2020  AVE magazine's release and exhibition, Kunstraum Super, Vienna (AT)
2020  The Museum of the Future, virtual exhibition curated by Sami Benhadj Djilali and Artetceteraetcetera 


Recent books and catalogues about the artist:

​2021 Jörk Rothamel, ">1000 Worte", Catalogue. Frankfurt am Main: Kerber Verlag, 2021.
2020  Annekathrin Kohout, León Krempel. “SUPER!”, Catalogue. Kunsthalle Darmstadt, 2020.
2018  Ivana de Vivanco, Sarah Alberti. „Toi Toi Toi“, Catalogue. Leipzig: Club Koraal, 2018.
2017  Alba D’Urbano, Olga Vostretsova. “2.5.0.-Object is Meditation and Poetry”, Catalogue. Leipzig, 2017.
2016  Gonzalo Díaz, Ivana de Vivanco. “La Hilandería de Estambre”, Catalogue. Santiago: D21 Proyectos de Arte, 2016.  


Recent publications as an author and artist:

​2020  “I got it!: The Coronavirus Colouring Book”, With Steffen Elsner, Berlin.
2020  "Esos grandes detalles: 92 relatos escritos durante la pandemia", Proyecto de Enrique Matthey.
2020  “AVE Magazin #6”, Vienna. 


2021                Centro de Arte Casa de Indias, Cádiz
2020                Denkzeit Grant - Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
2015 – 2016   Heinrich Böll Foundation's Grant
2015                Marion-Ermer-Prize 
2013 – 2015   DAAD Grant