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United States

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Works by Ivan Todaro

Kong Gold


30 x 40 x 12cm


Violino Formae Mentis


20 x 57 x 4cm


Bulldog Formae Mentis


55 x 45 x 15cm


Ivan Todaro, born in Milan on June 30, 1975, is an eclectic and ever-evolving artist.
But above all he is an inexhaustible artist of his own life.
His vivacity, his sensitivity, his restlessness and his hunger to understand led him to have strong experiences from an early age.
The street has been for some time his home, his refuge, his source of life, his inspiring muse.
On the street he met the magical world of kites. Over the years, Ivan has learned to build real flying works of art; he met people, stories, souls from all over the world.
He began to participate in several international kite festivals, during which he was able to satisfy his desire to know and interact with each other.
In these reviews, his artistic and human sensitivity was soon recognized and appreciated.
Today, the innate attention to the other has led Ivan to be a trained and respected social worker. His commitment and his proactive energy are recognized and appreciated in the residential structure for disadvantaged young people where he works.
Over the years, Ivan has specialized in painting. In fact, today, his vitality and his sensitivity are fully expressed in the paintings he creates.
A generous artist, Ivan always leaves something of himself in what he creates.
His works tell about his inner world, they are alive and stimulate the emotional intelligence of those who look at them.
Through his hands and his heart the artist represents the magical, mysterious and nebulous world of emotions.