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Ivan Falardi

Solto Collina BG, Italy

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Falardi has devoted a lifetime to observing, recording and highlighting images. He has earned his fame by working as a producer and director for television and cinema, alternating between productions for the world of advertising and music. During the years he devoted to directing, photography was an accessory and constant tool in his travels. The shots taken mostly in the places where he travelled for work were a little-known aspect of his activity. In 2013, the change came. The 25 frames per second no longer seemed to be enough and the director felt the need to confront the single frame.

He starts a careful investigation of the available techniques, his obsession to override the shot itself grows, the aim is to decode in order to give new dignity to unpredictable perspectives. He marries the technique of light painting, the most congenial to probe the research towards the eidolon, the object of vision that the artist wants to underline with his work; the darkness will reveal itself as the eidos, the object of knowledge through which the photographer will explore the potential of signs, shapes, lights, colours.

Photography thus becomes a privileged means of expression, a medium capable of sacrificing reality in function of its hidden, probable and indecipherable sides, but no less revealing or evocative for that.


Works by Ivan Falardi

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