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Before getting fully involved into her artistic career, from 2010 onward, Inna Rogatchi was - and still is - an active writer, scholar of art history, art curator, and film-maker. She actively works in the fields of material history and history of culture, modern arts and memorial architecture, arts and spirituality. Inna is an acclaimed essayist on the mentioned topics. Inna belongs to the great musical dynasty of Mahler-Rose-Bujanover. Her great aunt, famous violinist Eleanore Rose, was a niece of great composer Gustave Mahler. Inna lives and works with her husband, renowned artist Michael Rogatchi in Finland and Italy.

Inna started her artistic career as a fine art photographer, exploring the genre of metaphorical art and focusing on philosophical meaning and poetic form. She had many exhibitions in Finland, Baltic countries, Belgium ( at the European Parliament), Italy, the UK, the USA, and other countries. Many of her works belong to leading museums, public and cultural institutions and notable private collections world-wide. From 2017 onward, Inna works as an original artist exclusively working in her own signature techniques which she has elaborated and still is elaborating herself. She has been the author of the LUX SEI ART ® concept of artworks providing psychological comfort. Her works from these collections belong to many hospitals, medical and social establishments in Finland, the UK, Israel, Spain, the USA, Japan and other countries. Inna has been invited guest artist to numerous international art and cultural events, including special celebration of the 100th of the restoration of the St Marco Campanilla in Venice, the art program in conjunction with the Venice Film Festival, special exhibitions at the International Musical Collection Festival ( St Petersburg), special art events and exhibitions  at the European  Parliament and at the Highest Audit Court of the EU ( Luxembourg), as well as the Parliaments of Finland and Lithuania, special exhibitions and master-classes at the Virginia University, the USA, and the others. Many of those exhibitions displayed the artist’s works from Outreach to Humanity and Re-Visiting the World’s Culture series of projects, authored by Inna.

 Inna is also the author of the well-known Culture for Humanity Global Initiative which conducts the mission of providing psychological comfort via arts, culture and music to a mass international audience in the wake of the COVID pandemic. The ideas of active, applied humanism is essentially important for the artist who believes that real art is the tool of humanity.

 Inna is a finalist of the V Edition of the London Art Biennale ( 2021) and a sole representative of Finland at the Biennale, twice laureate of the prestigious Il Volo di Pegaso Italian National Arts Award, and together with her husband Michael Rogatchi is recipient of the New York Children’s Museum Award for Outstanding Contribution into the Arts and Culture. She is the recipient of several other international prestigious awards. 

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