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Héloïse Guyard

1981 France

1 Works exhibited

Current location

Paris/Les Andelys, France

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  • About the Artist

Born in 1981, she studied at the Ateliers Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris (Glacière) in Olivier Di Pizio's studio and graduated from the ESADHaR (École Supérieure d'Art et de Design du Havre). She regularly participates in group and solo exhibitions in France and abroad, and leads workshops and art projects in schools and associations, as well as in her own studio, in Paris and Les Andelys.

Plastic approach:

"The process in my work is always the same: to draw a motif from the infinity of patterns offered by nature, to observe it, to draw it, to interpret it, to extract fragments from it, to repeat them. And to inhabit, or invade, a space with.

In a sobriety of means. Without complex device. To be mobile and light, to go there.

In a world where the spectacular, the profitability, the speed often prevail; to make with its hands and to resist in the delicacy. With perseverance. To accumulate small useless things. And find slowness.

To obsessively repeat the same motif, to have the impression of never having finished by dint of redoing the same shape over and over again, to offer oneself a little eternity in this gesture. Something of the order of meditation. But also something conscientiously painful.

My work is this thing of not being much in the infinite universe, but of being there. To do. To find a measured place. To pay attention to the little things. Not to damage.

To choose patterns from nature. To be fascinated by the resonance between them. Meandering rivers as blood vessels as branches as roots. Feathers like scales like dunes. Little puddles like cacti like peanuts like pickles like seeds like worms. The structure of molecules like constellations like cells. Gnarled wood like muscles like intestines.

Héloïse Guyard is a member of the ADAGP.

Works by Héloïse Guyard

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9.5 x 14.8 cm


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