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Helga Sigurdardottir

Reykjavik, Iceland

3 Works exhibited on Kooness

Current location

Laugavegur 44, 101 Reykjavik

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Works by Helga Sigurdardottir

Colour Flow


119 x 44 x 3cm

1150,00 €



100 x 80 x 2cm

1950,00 €



140 x 100 x 2cm

2800,00 €

The Icelandic nature with its powerful contrast of ice and fire has been the main inspiration in my art creation. Water in all forms fascinates me, especially waves but also waterfalls, glaciers and icebergs. Volcanic eruptions have also inspired me. Tulips and apples are as well a favorite subject.

Intuition and flow are leading me in creating my art whether it is painting with oil or watercolor or making light sculptures. When painting, plenty of water or turpentine is used in purpose of the colors to flow and blend freely on the material (canvas, paper, timber etc) making the art of painting especially inspiring as well as demanding since the medium is so spontaneous. Spraying with water over the colors adds the natural flow of water like in waves. My paintings are both abstract and figurative. I often paint abstract forms although underneath is the idea of something figurative. Flow is the key in my paintings.

The light sculptures are made of a frame covered with white or water colored paper. The electric light inside the sculpture creates a powerful color play.

My background as an artist has been through numerous courses in the Art School of Kopavogur. In 2015 I graduated with a BA degree as an art historian from the University of Iceland.

I have held many exhibitions both private and with others in Iceland and abroad. In 2008 in the 60th. edition of The International Artist Magazine there was an article of 10 pages about the creation of my art.

Today my working studio is in Smidjuvegur 74 in Kopavogur. I am one of 14 members of Art Gallery 101.

I am also working part-time as a physical therapist.