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Dutch draughtsman Hans Lemmen (*1959, Venlo) lives and works in Walt Wilder (BE) and Maastricht (NL).

Lemmen’s artistic education was developed at the Academy of Applied Arts in Maastricht between 1979 and 1984. Subsequently, he became visiting professor at the Academy of Applied Arts, Maastricht.

Throughout the last two decades, Lemmen has exhibited regularly in different countries, such as France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands. He has presented extensively in solo exhibitions and his works are also to be found in large museums and both public and private collections alike.

In his recent trajectory one may emphasize the latest collaboration with widely-acclaimed photo-artists Roger Ballen - Unleashed. In this highly unusual collaborative project, the two artists combined their much-varied techniques. This endeavour culminated in a challenging dialogue, each of them using the medium of the respectively other as their own material.