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162 x 130cm




117 x 91cm


Ha Jungwoo has been acting since his 20s and has now become one of the most celebrated actors in Korea, and he always found himself in front of a canvas when the cameras are off. He is used to showing himself as a different persona in films, so he puts his own story in his paintings that have not been told elsewhere. He quietly paints the most realistic and everyday objects he likes, and through this process the tense emotions he has accumulated during his film work melts down. This also gives him the power to start a new film. His works are not only traces of the act of painting, but also the result of healing that he obtains through paint.

Woo’s fairy tale-like images attract audience from all generations. What makes his works special, however, is the sincere monologues that penetrate life and resonates with us. The sentences in his paintings are written in a rough and crooked manner as if they do not want to be read, but after you understand the meaning, there is no choice but to admit it with a smile. From Mark Twain’s quote “The more I know about people the more I like my dog” to murmurings in bed such as “I hate mornings,” they have always talked about our lives and emotions, though not always light and pleasant. As adults, we resonate with these quotes.