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Guillaume Colussi

1978 France

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Neither behind nor in front, but at the heart of an itinerary that establishes itself in the dissimulation of the fight between the artificial and the organic, the constructed thing and the appearance, the constrained model and the autonomy, and that chooses to give back to the gesture its precision only for fear of offending the beauty.

What is built here is the musical movement of geometry. That which was the first philosophy, when the circle and the cube were understood as pure thought, as the only valid access to the nuances of the world. For the daily intimacy with the object will reveal something.

Paintings of patience, these canvases cannot be dissociated from the time spent in front of them, when the eyes become accustomed to what others have taken in economy, to what is no longer shown but evoked, and which henceforth will not be able to leave: the embodiment through withdrawal of a life in filigree. In this case, Guillaume Colussi dares to degrade one of the symbols of the absolute - the monochrome - by precipitating it into the dark abyss of time.

By stigmatizing, he embodies. And it is from this tension, that of a contemporary glance on the modernity, that he leads the work until the minimal act. A retrenchment of the forms until the silence.

Then, when there is nothing left, there is color. But disturbed by the gesture, which when it is liquid removes and reveals, when it is pigmented adds and creates, infuses the material accident of the intimate.

This abstraction thus delivered figures the light. The light explodes the form.

The painting makes image. Abolishing in fact what others would have wanted as contradictory, that is to say a graphic painting which would not embody the emancipation of its forms, which would not deliver itself entirely to the interpretation of its public, Guillaume Colussi shows us that the effacement of the artist in front of his work remains in the world of the immediacy the last incarnation of the sense.


in "The erasure of the painter" (2020).

Guillaume Colussi is a self-taught painter defended by the gallery Maison Contemporain since September 2020. Embodying himself as a worthy heir of modern painting, he brings to monochrome a new look, in the prism of our contemporary time. Through a palette of chiaroscuro, he creates a dialogue between shapes and colors, sometimes vivid, sometimes dark.

Becoming both medium and subject, the painting appears on the fiberglass canvas, minimalist and silent. Thus, the artist explores the very essence of painting, through its plastic and physical properties: between fluidity, texture, opacity.

Expressing himself by isolated, discontinuous touches or by patches of color, he inscribes several temporalities in his work, thanks to the use of acrylic. In this sense, always in a refusal of the mixture, the artist oscillates between a short and fast time and a longer time, favourable to the reflection. In the midst of an era where daily life passes by at a frantic pace, he invites us to contemplate, almost meditatively, in a work where time and space seem to no longer exist.

From then on, like scientific observations, his paintings plunge us into pure organic matter, similar to fragments of crystals, observed under a microscope. Paradoxically, there is a dimension of the order of the unspeakable and the infinite that emerges in his work. As if the infinitely small led us to the infinitely large. From an organic observation to an observation of the universe.

Thus, the artist makes opposite universes cohabit, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from the organic to the inorganic, making distance and borders disappear. And this disappearance plunges us into the heart of abstraction, in which light emerges. First as a beam, then as a spectrum, the light ends up flooding the canvas. Guillaume Colussi is then a painter of light, seeking to capture the elusive.

Marion Caudal Author and editor of the account @parlonsart

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