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Gudrun Morel

1945 Bad Homburg, Germany

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Very powerful and vibrating colors ! This international artist has a huge talent and a wealthy technique inspired from the different countries she lived in. Gudrun was born on January 18, 1945 in Bad Homburg (Germany) where she did not stay long since in 1966 she moved to South Africa. There she meets her husband, Michel MOREL, with whom she will have a daughter, Jennifer. Since childhood, Gudrun has been passionate about drawing and it is in South Africa that she will begin her first studies.

Michel's job will require them to move often and each time to discover new countries with all that each region may contain in terms of artistic riches. This is how Gudrun will do:

-studies of Visual Arts in Rabat (Morocco) in 1972

- drawing studies, in Rasht (Iran), with a professor from the University of Tehran (Iran) from 1972 to 1976

-painting studies with Master Denis FLOCH in Mexico D.F. (Mexico) in 1986

-work with Master Fabris LUNA in Mexico D.F. (Mexico) in 1987

- academic studies of various techniques with Manuel GUILLEN, professor of Plastic Arts and murals in Mexico D.F. (Mexico) in 1989

-drawing studies on the human body with Patricia CAJIGA in Mexico D.F. (Mexico) from 1990 to 1991

-painting techniques at the San Carlos Academy with Professor Luis NISHIZAWA in 1990 and 1991

Currently, Gudrun paints in the Paris region where she and Michel have found a lovely house, on the banks of the Aunette, ideal for Gudrun to satisfy his talent.

GUDRUN is a member of the Mexican Society of Plastic Arts, a corresponding member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences and awarded the Gold Medal and French Dedication.

Famous in many countries, what an honor for the KINOR Gallery to exhibit it!

Very famous artist, exposed in a Museum and present in some celebrities collections like Mrs Malevitch's one. Sometimes she shares her exhibitions with very famous artists like Jackson Pollock. 

Her paintings appear in numerous articles around the world and in two books : 

- La Route des Peintres de Méditerranée (Monique and Georges Lucenet)

- L'île de la Grande Jatte, Au coeur du Val de Seine Impressionniste (Monique Lucenet)

Several medals 
for examples : - The Golden One from Mexican Academy of Sciences

- The French Dedication

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