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Gola Hundun


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Nicolò Reali (1982, Cesena) a.k.a. Gola Hundun is an Italian artist and muralist, active in the public space since the mid 2000s.

He developed a very early interest in the arts, when at the age of 14 when he enrolled at an artistic high school in Ravenna. He then pursued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where he showed a peculiar curiosity in the representability of the human anatomy, organs and cells. In 2004 he left Bologna and moved to Barcelona to attend further classes at the Academy of Fine Arts. It was there that he started his artistic activity in the public space.

In Barcelona, Gola Hundun got involved in the local street art and graffiti scene, characterized by an intense use of vivid colors and a naïf and punk attitude. Gola Hundun's work is not really defined by the media he chooses, but rather by the world he aims to create: a world populated by animal, vegetal and cellular elements, often melt in a sort of organized chaos of fragmented shapes and symbols.

Starting around 2014, the use of green became progressively dominant in Gola Hundun's palette, in order to insist on the symbolic, naturalist value of his paintings. More recently, the artist has broadened his creative horizons to installations, composed by natural elements like living plants, fibers, branches, soil and leaves: such installations appear to be habitats for specific micro/macro communities, or animal shelters.

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