To Dream, to Collect


Giulio Malinverni

1994 Vercelli, Italy

3 Works exhibited

Current location

Venice, Italy

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The marmoreal brushstrokes of Giulio Malinverni, strongly influenced by symbologies and stylistic accents of the pre-Renaissance genre, focus on the everyday narration and at the same time on the iconographic repertoire of the art history, to such an extent that they seem to whisper purely Kafkaesque metamorphism.

Born in Vercelli in 1994, he obtained the title of Technician of Restoration of frescoes and stone material at the Veneto Institute for Cultural Heritage in Venice. He is currently attending the specialist course of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Since 2018 he is tutor of Atelier F of professors Carlo Di Raco and Martino Scavezzon.  

Works by Giulio Malinverni

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