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Giorgia Fincato

1982 Marostica, Italy

8 Works exhibited

Current location

Bassano del Grappa, Italy and New York, USA

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Giorgia Fincato was born in 1982, in Marostica, Italy. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy. Between 2007 and 2009 she lived in New York, addressing her artistic path, drawing in particular. Since 2013 she lives and works between Bassano del Grappa, Italy and New York, US, presenting several exhibitions and site-specific projects mostly in Italy.

The drawing on the one hand represents my inner self, and on the other, the random objects found on my walks would document the outer world. When I relate to materials that I’ve found I can create a narration into personal storyboards. Because I look at objects as geometric solid shapes I can see the space in between those shapes and understand the interplay of structural form.


Project Room, Michela Rizzo Gallery, Venice, IT
Soglie e limiti/Thresholds and limits, curated by Elena Fiorin. Michela Rizzo Gallery. Venice, IT
Atelier #4, MACRO, Roma, IT

The Drawing OBSESSION, curated by Roman Grabner, Universalmuseum Joanneum/ Neue Galerie, Graz, A

Broken Heart into..., Galerie Margareth Otti, Graz, A

The Drawing Experience, Kunst & Handel Gallery, Wien, A

Cappello del Doge, site-specific permanent labirinth project, Pasqua’s Vineyards and Cellars, Verona, IT

Archeologia del Tempo, The Vital Energy of Arts, ENEA, Italian National Agency for Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, Casa Cava, Matera, IT
ArteAM CUP, BonelliLab, Canneto Sull’Oglio, Mantova, IT

Wopart art fair, Apart Art Advisory, Lugano, CH

Le latitudini dell’arte, 3th Biennial, Palazzo Ducale, Genova, IT Archeologia del tempo. Segno e vuoto in movimento, curated by Chiara Casarin, Torre delle Grazie, Civic Museum Of Bassano del Grappa, IT

Tre anni sulla pietra, curated by Elena dal Molin, Atipografia, Arzignano, IT
Bocs Art Residency, October - November, Cosenza, IT

Tutto tu doni al pian e nulla ricevi, curated by Geraldine Blais NUOVE//Residency,
 Bassano del Grappa, IT

Sogno Verde, FAI, Villa Gregoriana, Tivoli, IT
Eplode il Frattale, curated by Paolo Meneghetti, Chess Club, Bas- sano del Grappa, IT
 L’Inchino dei Mostri, Explora Children Museum, Rome, IT
Unconventional Twin, Studio d’arte Pino Casagrande, Rome, IT
Soliloqui, Studio d’arte Pino Casagrande, Rome, IT
Interiors, curated by Manuela Pacella, Ugo Ferranti Gallery, Rome, IT
 24x24, Galleria Opera Unica, Rome, IT
AbOvo, Studio Claudio Abate, Rome, IT

AbOvo, Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati, Rome, IT
Selected works on the permanent archive, Pierogi, New York, US Leapauction, Dumbo Arts Center, New York, US
Per Lumina, curated by Luigi Viola. Ex Chiesa dei Battuti, San Vito del Tagliamento, Pordenone, IT

Genius Loci, Private gardens opened during the 52° Biennial of Arts, Venice, IT
 Some Reflections on Identity, Artist Book, Academy of Fine Arts, Venice
Creazione del mondo, San Barnaba Church, Academy of Fine Arts, Ve- nice, IT

City, Architecture and Society, curated by Mauro Arrighi, Massimo Caiazzo, Guglielmo di Mauro and Luigi Viola. Collateral Project, 10th Architecture Biennial, CZ_VPI2006, Giudecca, Venice, IT
Sana Noia, Gallery Basement, Palazzo Bonaguro, Bassano del Grappa, IT

Poles Apart Poles Together, curated by Doron Polak, Juan Puntes White Box, NY & International Artists Museum, 51th Arts Biennial, Venice, IT
International Arts Biennial, Villa Farsetti, Santa Maria di Sala, IT

Exordium Multiseum, curated by Luigi Viola and Piera Nodari. Fine Arts Academies of Ljubljana, Wien and Venice
Acqueity, curated by Luigi Viola and Fabrizio Gazzari, Fine Arts Academy, Venice, IT
 Face to face, curated by Piera Nodari, Giardino del Torso, Udine, IT



2019 Video - NonStopScheiner, Universalmuseum Joanneum/Neue Galerie, curated by Roman Grabner, Graz, A
2018 Talk - Arts and Energy for a new urban regeneration, Casa Cava, Matera, IT
2014 L’inchino dei mostri for Explora Museum, Rome, IT
2012 L’insonnia, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, IT
2011 La festa dei vivi che riflettono sulla morte, Lucafausu, San Cesareo di Lecce, IT

Works by Giorgia Fincato

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