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Barcelona, Spain

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Landscape III


70 x 50cm

Landscape II


50 x 70cm

Nº 0


60 x 60cm

1900,00 €

Red landscape


60 x 60cm

1900,00 €

Erased landscape 12


100 x 100cm

3600,00 €

Erased landscape 8


100 x 100cm

3600,00 €

Erased landscape with figures


200 x 200cm

14400,00 €

Germán Bel, aka Fasim, born in Barcelona in 1972, is a pioneer urban artist in Spain, active since the 1980s. Henry Chalfant played an important role in Fasim’s career and will be a key piece in his later artistic development.In 1989 he met Futura 2000 at an exhibition held at the Arcs&Cracs gallery in Barcelona, where he learned about artistic creations on canvas and his start in urban art, today known as street art, in Europe.

In 1992, the artist traveled to Paris to the studio of Jonone and BadBC at the Hôpital éphémère where he lived for a few days and contemplated the process of creation on canvas and the emergence of urban art in art galleries. He also joined the mythical 156allstarz crew.

Fasim’s paintings take us to a dreamlike world where the game with the pareidolias seems to dominate the surface of the works, since he was a child he keeps this visual and poetic game of the look, with the forms of any surface, either in the print of some tiles or in the humidity stains, erased or chipped of any urban wall. To a great extent this game is the first inspiration of the artists in the caves, where the images appeared in the reliefs of the rocks and is the cradle of painting.

Fasim has painted on numerous walls, exhibitions and shows in many cities around the world; Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Toulouse, Perpignan, Marseille, Paris, New York, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Milan, Naples or Sarajevo among others.

The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (MuCEM) recently acquired three paintings and six drawings, which will be included in the Urban Art collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Marseille (MAC).

«(…) the police and city officials in New York City claimed back in the seventies, that Graffiti was an entry-level crime, leading down the slippery slope to a criminal career. How wrong they have proven to be. I have observed that an apprenticeship in graffiti has led more than a few adolescent taggers and bombers to find brilliant careers as painters, designers, publishers and filmmakers. I find no better example of this phenomenon than Fasim.»

Henry Chalfant

>Solo > June 2022, Bilbao, Base Art Gallery. Solo show

>Solo > November 2022, Barcelona, Canal Gallery. Solo show


2022, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife, Universidad de La Laguna, «Art on Skateboard». Group show

2021, Barcelona, Canal Gallery, «Ceremony». Group show

2021, Laussane, Urbaneez, «Christmas Collection». Group show

2021, Tenerife, Festival Boreal. Group show

2020, Barcelona, Montana Gallery Barcelona, «101». Group show

2018, París, Galerie Deux6, «Rue Barcelona». Group show

2018, Mallorca, Linea6 Backstore Gallery, «Fasim, Down By Law, works on paper, 2018». Solo show

2017, Madrid, El Paracaidista / Durán Online Gallery, «On/Off: Cuando el graffiti salta del muro». Group show

2017, Londres, Creative Debuts, The Black & White Building, «Connection lines». Group show

2017, Ginebra-Suiza, Galartis, «Vente aux enchères de Street Art 2017». Group show

2017, París, Galerie Amarrage, «Utopies Urbaines #2». Group show

2017, Marseille, MuCEM ( Musée des civilisations et de la Méditerranée ), «Graff en Méditerranée». Group show

2016, París, FIAC ( Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain ), «Road to Mukono». Group show

2016, Madrid, Swinton & Grant Gallery, «Road to Mukono». Group show

2016, London, Red Gallery, «Distortions». Group show

2015, Paris, Galerie Celal, «Barcelona Mia». Group show

2015, New York, hosted at The Bronx Museum Of The Arts -Lower Gallery, «By our own rules» / 156Allstarz 30th Anniversary Event . Group show

2014, Barcelona, Montana Gallery, «Montana Colors 20 años / 20 escritores». Group show

2014, Barcelona, Imaginart* Gallery, «MED street art». Group show

2014, Sevilla, Espacio California, «Johnny paint me motherfucker». Group show

2013, Elche, Blacklab 22; «Ephemeral mural». Pintura mural en directo y exposición. Solo show

2013, Barcelona, Studio Store, «FART» urban art festival. Group show

2013, Ginebra, Calaver’Arts / Deuxieme Édition. Group show

2013, Granada, Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Granada, «Cuadros colgados de un gancho». Group show

2012, Londres, High Roller Society Gallery, «Espanish Conexion». Group show

2012, Ginebra/Suiza, The Square. «Calaverarts». Group show

2012, Valencia, La Minúscula, «Cabezas/Heads», pintura sobre papel. Individual. + Dibo210, Dj Serifo, Legos G. Solo show

2012, Elche/Valencia, BlackLab22, «Straight From The Undergroung», Dead, Dems, Fasim, Fons, Func88, Jaba, Pantone, Rois, Rosh, San, Sawe, Sozyone. Group show

2012, Barcelona, MTN Gallery, «Homenaje a Moebius», 30 artistas internacionales rinden tributo a Moebius. Pintura. Group show

2012, Barcelona,TheGallery Pro, Hotel Barceló Raval; «Keith Haring Memorándum». Dibujos sobre papel. Group show

2012, Barcelona, Niu Gallery; «Crónicas de Pueblo Nuevo». Dibujos sobre papel. Group show

2011, Bilbao, SC Gallery; «Subculture II». Selección de artistas de la galería. SC Gallery Bilbao. Pintura sobre lienzo. Group show

2011, Barcelona, A&D Gallery, «Exit 10 años dejando huella». Pintura sobre lienzo. Group show

2011, Barcelona, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona (Macba); «Exit 10 años dejando huella». Pintura sobre lienzo. Group show

2011, Barcelona, Mtn Gallery; “I was here!”. Pintura sobre lienzo. Solo show

2011, Barcelona, Niu Gallery; «Niu 5,5». Group show

2010, Barcelona, Mtn Gallery; “Art transit”. Pintura sobre maquetas de vagones del metro de New York. Group show

2010, Valencia, Pl. Del Tossal; “ Stop victims war wall”, pintura mural en directo durante 15 días. Realización del video con el mismo nombre junto a Jordi Ferrer y Diana Puertas y música de Dive Dibosso

2010, Bilbao, SC Gallery; “ReVelión”. Pintura sobre lienzo. Solo show

2009, Sevilla, Montana Gallery; “Raíces”. Pintura sobre lienzo. Group show

2007, Barcelona, Niu Gallery; «The jacket battle». Chaquetas pintadas. Group show

2006, Barcelona, Niu Gallery; “Pintures Salvatges des de La Makabra”. Pintura sobre lienzo. Group show

2004, Barcelona, Iguapop Gallery; «39 artistas del graffiti sobre lienzo» y «Art is not a crime» exposición conjunta con Henry Chalfant. Pintura sobre lienzo y fotografía. Group show

2003, París, Taxi Gallery; “Expo Kosmopolite». Pintura sobre lienzo. Colectiva junto a Mac Crew, Loomit, T-Kid, Cope2, PornoStars, Ink76, Sonic Bad, Ket, Sixe, Lokiss, y Popay. Group show


Barcelona Showdown. Blood and Madness, 2021.

La Fabulese Aventure de Street Art City, 2021.

Escenas del graffiti en Granada. Una esfera pública de tensión estética y política. Ramón Pérez Sendra, Universidad de Granada, 2020.

Eureka. Pichiavo. Carmen Valero, Camps Encuadernaciones, 2019.

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