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Gerlinde Frommherz

1965 Germany

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Gerlinde Frommherz was born in 1965 in southwestern Germany. After visits to Munich and Hamburg, she has been living in Marseille since 1994.

Starting from drawing and sculpture, her work unfolds with installations in space, returns with photo to image, is inscribed in public space as in private places, nourishes and thus plays with different contexts.

"Everything has stable, constant properties which allow it to be recognized. Its own, objective size and form. Everything also has a color, a hardness, a material, a weight ... It is this physical reality that interests you Gerlinde Frommherz. 
Her sculptures are not the result of a transformation of matter, but of a construction from materials, previously transformed by man. One thing, that is to say the material-form pair *, to which we give a purpose to make it an object or a functionality to make it a tool. Gerlinde Frommherz introduces them into the field of art, deprives them of their purpose and transforms the tool into a beautiful thing.
A bucket, a box, a hanger, a drawer, wheels, a clamp, momentarily loses its identity to become a simple purely plastic element. But “Form is not an abstract entity, on the contrary it is deeply involved in life and its phenomena. »And it is the viewer who gives back to the things that Gerlinde Frommherz uses, their former life. Whether it is her drawings or her sculpture (expansion of her drawings in space), each constituent element is anchored in the concreteness of the construction, in a tangible physical space. The artist experiments with the elementary principles of this construction which govern the assembly sculpture, without external chemical intervention.
Everything is before our eyes. A genre of sculpture that recalls minimal art, constructivism, but not only. Gerlinde Frommherz's sculptures use a language that the viewer knows. Her works open onto a playful imagination called up by the games of assembling shapes and objects belonging to our daily life which contrasts with the rigor of her constructions. "

Extract from "The reality of things" by Céline Ghisleri, 2012

Works by Gerlinde Frommherz

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