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Geraldina Khatchikian

1992 Bologna, Italy

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Geraldina Khatchikian was born in Bologna in 1992.

After attending a course in Jewelry Design at the IED Institute in Milan and several workshops, she attended a painting workshop, which later became her vocation.

In the summer of 2018 she attended the "Art World Basics for Artists" course at Sothesby's institute of Art in New York with visual artist Jonathan Vandyke and the CEO of "Canvas Fine Art" Suzanne Shultz.

Each of her paintings is born around an emotional construct, which she elaborates in a sensory key and translates into color as a narrative. They are stratified, material paintings, where the plasticity of color collects the echoes of the goldsmith's art. By dissecting the protagonist concept of the canvas, it makes it tangible and at the same time indescribable.
She loves to play on the mechanism of pareidolia and its unconscious matrix, both during the work and in the final result. It is a psychologically honest chaos, naked and open, inexplicable and overwhelming.

Every work begins with a question and generates an experiential journey whose goal is often unexpected even for her.

Works by Geraldina Khatchikian

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