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Born in Chile, a land of earthquakes, literally and figuratively, Gala Martinoia travels, in 1973, to France, then to Spain.

In 1981, the artist returns to Paris where she takes roots.

"Here, I am a painter and video artist, a woman who looks at this world, our world, wild, diverse, cosmopolitan, dazzling, hard.

Who are we? Us, me, the others. The others me".

Vertigo of the nights, memory of the body impregnate my paintings.

Her last canvases, large, without frame, painted low to the ground, hold her to the earth that welcomes her, allow her a freedom of gesture, a furious lightness, the one that the artist finds in her drawings, the one that Gala Martinoia would not want to lose.

Traces of these years, of this century born of uncertainties, where the word is silent, veiled by numbers and screens.

The painting, faithful companion, opens cracks, interstices where the imagination penetrates.

Palimpsest of days, it speaks a language of ochres and reds, signs of time, landscape of feelings.

Some references

Solo exhibitions in France (2017-2015), Portes Ouvertes d'Artistes Lézarts de la Bièvre, 2011. Traces of time, Espace Altura, 2004. Traces and men, Museum of Archaeology of Au-rillac, 2001. Signs and Memory, Museum of Archaeology of Aurillac, 1994. Genesis at the Maison de l'Amérique Latine), in Germany (2005 Homage to Violeta Parra, Galerie La Escondida, Berlin, 2000. Körper und Massen, Studio im Hochchaus, Berlin. Paintings and drawings, Galerie Fabrik-,k, Oberhausen ) and in Tunisia (1995 Paintings, Galerie Chérif Fine Art, Sidi Bou Said ), among others

Collective exhibitions as a video artist and painter in France, Germany, New York, Chile, among others in 1985 the French Ministry of Culture acquires the painting "The fields of dreams".

Gala Martinoia is represented at Maison contemporain since June 2020.

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