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Gaëlle Lamberdiere

Milan, Italy

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Works by Gaëlle Lamberdiere

Gaëlle is a young Italian-French artist born in Milan who, since the Art School, has followed her passion for painting, also matured and developed at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts where she obtained her degree in Painting in the year 2020, bringing as a thesis the therapeutic aspect of art towards people.

The topics covered and the figures represented belong to the individual and emotional sphere, as well as to our collective consciousness. His painting methods are of various kinds: he easily ranges from brushes, to hands, to palette knives. Gaëlle wants to provoke an emotional fire in the viewer, attempting to block his thoughts and spur him to travel with the mind just as she does when she enters her own cathartic process of painting.


• "Filo rosso", XVIII edizione del premio Umberto Boccioni, Milano, 2014, con Artepassante;
• "Earth Day", Galleria Art Factory, Milano, 2019, organizzata da Looking For Art;
• "Uno, Nessuno, Centomila", Gaelleria Art Factory, Milano, 2019, organizzata da Lookinf For Art; • "L'Arte si Mostra", Palazzo Ferrajoli, Roma, 2019, organizzato da Pagine;
• Esposizione nel locale Hollywood, Milano, 2019, organizzata da Looking For Art;
• Esposizione personale nel locale Wolf, via Canonica Milano, 2019, organizzata dal Wolf;
• Evento Mondano al Bistrot Borsieri, Milano, 2019, organizzato da Looking For Art;
• "Sentimento. 10 artisti nel cuore di Milano" alla Associazione
• “ChiAmaMilano”, via Laghetto 2, Milano, 2019, organizzata da ChiAmaMilano.