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Francesco Messina

1900 - 1995
Linguaglossa, Italy

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32 x 41 x 16cm

3200,00 €

Francesco Messina is an Italian artist. He was born in Paternò (CT) Sicily in 1946. He received the appointment of Associate Academic - Section: Art from Accademia ''Greci Marino' - Accademia del Verbano. For many, he was considered an extremely talented artisan, certainly he was not an innovator, but the history of his long and prolific activity shows an evolution that reflects the cultural atmosphere of those times, even if always coherent with his own idea of visual arts. Except for a few exceptions, his subject is always the human body.

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Prize for Sculpture in 1942 at the Biennale Internazionale d'Arte of Venice

Honorary citizen of the City of Milan from 1975. In 1979 the State Pinakothek of Munich organised a comprehensive Messina exhibition of his sculptures and graphic art

Honoris causa academic of the Fine Arts Academy of the Soviet Union from 1988 and Honorary Academic from 1990