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Francesca Guariso’s artistic progress clarifies a symbolism with an ancient origin expressed in its formal aspect as a contemporary synthesis of an absolute charm and balance. The reuse of an ancient gesture pervades her works where she tells a story of lightness in perfectly balanced structures, it says a lot about the artist’s will to bind herself to an artistic historical past that has its roots in the man’s primordial actions provoked by the expressive urgency of emotion.

In Francesca Guariso’s works the needs of the heart are revealed as well as the creative pulse can and must be guided to leave a sign, which goes beyond itself and the moment it has been made; it explains the transition of the whole mankind in time and history. The same bond between the artist and the matter passes down ancestral communicative values: while she compares herself with the clay to shape, Guariso wants to rescue a familiar dimension where inward and outward appearance can fuse together, because they are driven by equivalent needs and wills of appearance.

The slowness is the smallest common denominator between the technique used by the artist which, relying on engraving, plastic pictorial and sculptural techniques, reveals the more and more urgent necessity of man to find an essential dimension of his own inner dialogue. Embracing forms that bring prosperity become bystanders without a face, universal icons of grace and beauty that encourage the viewer to go beyond the apparent surface looking for the hidden meaning.

The same forms reveal what is the content: despite the apparently roundness of the figures they seem to dance or proceed solemnly lightly, giving us the sense of the existence as a whole weightless proceeding in balance, gliding light-heartedly with an ironic view on life events. The references to the great pictorial art of the last century are not missed with a preference to Giorgio Morandi and his captivating stillness: through Francesca Guariso’s eyes the past became a poetical opportunity of comparison with ourselves and our  ownsoul, in a silence rich of joyful emotional awareness.

Works by Francesca Guariso

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