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Francesco De Molfetta

1979 Milan, Italy

17 Works exhibited

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  • About the Artist

Francesco De Molfetta was born in Milan in 1979, where he lives and works. After graduating from the arts, he attended the faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and at the same time graduated in theater direction. Since then he has taught laboratory and theatrical mimicry. His work has been exhibited in Italy by numerous galleries that have led him to numerous fairs (Miart, Artissima, Artforum Berlin, Arco Madrid, Vienna Art Fair, Artefiera Bologna, ArtVerona, GrandArt). In 2000 he collaborated with Artedamangiare-mangiarearte creating an installation for Macef and received a mention at the Brera Trophy.

The same year he won the competition of the city of Biella, participating in an exhibition organized by the Pistoletto Foundation for Art. He designed and produced a line of lamp-sculptures for the furniture. Abroad his works have been exhibited in an important exhibition on western contemporary art at the Tokyo gallery in Tokyo, the Besançon Art Museum in France and the T20 artecontemporary Gallery in Mursia in Spain. For the cinema he has made four short films that are still being distributed, winning the coveted Ambrogino d'Oro award and a critical mention for the work "The River-run" (Il Corso Del Fiume). In the theater he directed five theatrical performances, including an assistance to the Piccolo Teatro with Lamberto Pugelli.

Works by Francesco De Molfetta

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