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With the Galerie Françoise Palluel, she exhibited at the Fiac in 1996, at Art Paris, at the Strasbourg fair.

Florence Lucas shows her paintings in Tunis, New York, Belgium.

In the early 2000s, she diversified her practices, taking part in the Le Vent des Forêts symposium with an installation in the trees.

She is organizing a fashion show at the Salon de L’Agriculture with cows wearing udder racks made by designers of female lingerie. She installs a Milk Fountain at the Albert Chanot Cultural Center. Invited to the Hammami Museum in Japan, she shows a set of tattooed breasts

The subject of the position of women in society remains at the center of her concerns.

When the veil was banned, she created two cartoons on the subject of the veil which were shown in Cannes. Then she does a niquab performance during the Fiac.

A trip to Cambodia reveals the horror of S21 prison. On her return, she devotes herself to the memory of these dead women without identity by painting their charcoal portrait. Drawing is once again her favorite practice.

The series I Love My Bed questions the privacy of bed and the problem of time. Reintroduction of color. Colors and orthogonal constructions disturbed by the organic forms of the drawing and vice versa.

In 2015, Florence Lucas set up the Petite Collection project around the postcard. The fifth edition will take place in 2021.

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