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Filip Mirazovic

1977 Serbia

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Filip Mirazovic's work is based on the realism of a classical tradition of which he retains the narrative power and composition, but which he contaminates with the contribution of an expressionist vein (from Kirchner, Dix or Bacon to Baselitz and Immendorff). Through the overflow of a thick material and the accidents of a free gesture, he creates cracks in the order of smooth interiors where the symbols of political and Catholic power are overturned, echoing the violence of the twentieth century and the history of Yugoslavia. It is through this hybridity and these incessant displacements that figurative painting reinvents itself, beyond labels.

By its capacity to mix subjects and forms, it undoubtedly offers a vision capable of representing the upheavals and uneasiness of our time, itself complex, unstable and fragmented. A curious hybridity which is not prisoner of a style and which, between sincerity and distancing, intimacy and universality, avoids the pitfall of a certain expressionism when it tends to the facility, to the lyricism and to the pathos of a navel subjectivity.

By Amélie Adamo - L'ŒIL magazine n°720

Works by Filip Mirazovic

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