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Fernando Cabrera Gonzalez

United States

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

Current location

Yuma, Arizona

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Works by Fernando Cabrera Gonzalez


Paintings , Oil

16 x 13cm

557,00 €


Paintings , Oil

45.72 x 38.1cm


Fernando Cabrera Gonzalez's artwork reflects on the importance of exploring what lies deep within oneself. Bringing out the hidden, repressed, and the often forgotten. This is where fears of the future, insights about the present, and memories from the past are found; Culminating in complex images full of personal symbolism that allow him to discover what rational thought cannot. He allows his artwork to retain a sense of mystery, not dictating or forcing a meaning onto them. He simply transcribes his thoughts onto the canvas and encourages them to develop freely. Taking any shape or form they need to and letting his imagination run wild until the true essence of what he is feeling is captured. Each painting tells a different story. However, they are all expressions of what it feels like to be a Mexican/American today in post-modern divided America. They are reminders that we are more than our ethnicity or any other labels placed upon us. To see that, all we have to do is take a look inside.